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Monday, January 24, 2011

stars in our eyes

Right now I am being super poetic and sitting in the upper level of an independent coffee house just off-campus, listening to indie music over the intercom and attempting to appear studious while I'm actually typing a blog about virtually nothing and working on my novel/project/baby, which, I think, is ultimately much more artsy and cool than reading the astronomy textbook I've been lugging around all day, yeah? Plus I have some time to kill before I really have anywhere to be.
The past two days have ultimately been very good, despite the fact that my phone is literally on it's death bed. It is falling apart, yay. But yesterday two homeless guys stopped me to tell me how pretty I was, and the newsroom was unusually chill and my managing editor complimented me on my stories, and today I slept until noon, bought two new rings and the guy at jamba juice gave me my smoothie half off because I applied for a job, then told me I was prob getting his job because he was quitting at the end of the month, so I am willing to overlook the fact that my sony ericsson is a kind of a piece of shiznittttt.
I am slowly becoming absorbed in my career again. I lost focus last semester but I'm back on track, and I remember now why I was the way that I was in high school. I've been jogging a lot lately, as well.

things that made me happy today-
not going to bio, then finding out it let out early anyways
good caramel macchiatos
good vanilla lattes
a good acai smoothie (that was half-off)
funny people who sold me those drinks
reading my book... on my nook
a "brass ovaries" pole dancing class flyer
seeing people I hadn't seen in a while
the new sushi place by my dorm
not reading my astronomy textbook
my phone surviving yet another day
the nice guy who sold me my rings
the ring I bought for my middle finger with the word "longhorn" engraved across it
replacing the turquoise ring I lost with a new one for my pinkie
friendly people
seeing a certain someones face on my list of followers

<------- Also, I'm a little confused. Why doesn't my dorm look like that?

Times New Roman is my favorite font,

ps. post # 100, biatch!

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