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Monday, April 2, 2012

set fire

Disclaimer — I’m sorry if this pisses anyone off. If it does, it’s my opinion. Sorry. If it bothers you too much, you can just unfollow me, I will not be offended.
Today, I heard one of the most repulsive things that I have ever heard in my entire life. First I should start off by explaining a fiasco from last semester. I interviewed this guy who seemed really fucking weird but ultimately harmless about this modesty club he started. He’d never been to a party in his entire life and when he saw me he said he thought I’d look “more attentive” (what the fuck?), but he wasn’t rude or anything after that and he didn’t say anything too crazy so I wrote up a q&a with him and it ran on the front page. Needless to say I should have googled him, because the next day there were pictures of him on the West Mall (an area of heavy traffic on campus) holding a sign that literally said “WOMEN BELONG IN THE KITCHEN”… and he was completely serious. Turns out the asshole was a raging sexist with ridiculous backwards ideals and I’m lucky I didn’t get my ass fired after the backlash.Now that everyone’s heard that horrible memory, I can move on to something even more revolting. Today I was sitting outside at the student union eating Chick-Fil-A and reading Rosencrantz & Guidenstern for my English class when I look over and who do I fucking see but Ralph* the Sexist Asshole, with a magazine reporter (God help her). So Ralph has a friend with him this time, Chelsea*, and she sits down next to me with another reporter to talk about traditional ideals. She started off by explaining that she was more traditional than Ralph, so I obviously eavesdropped. Turns out, this girl is honest to god dropping out of UT’s pre-med program three years in because she believes that while it’s okay for women to be educated, maybe even formally, that “God didn’t intend for women to be on the same level as men.”
Everyone, just let that soak in for a second. 
This woman has the potential to be successful. She is obviously intelligent because people don’t just get in to UT’s pre-med program, and she was also pursuing a degree in liberal arts so it’s not like she’s limited mentally, which absolutely fucking baffles me because how can you honestly think that because you have a vagina, Jesus wants you to bear children and make sandwiches for the rest of your life? God help this bitches kids because lord forbid one of the girls has the good sense to want a college degree, or one of the boys wants to marry a girl with the good sense to want a college degree. Not only is she wasting thousands and thousands of her or her parents’ dollars so that she can follow “God’s will,” she’s missing a very important point — WHY WOULD GOD HAVE MADE WOMEN INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO BE ON PAR WITH MEN IF HE DIDN’T WANT US TO BE ON PAR WITH MEN. Hello, your logic is fucking flawed. 
Now, don’t get me wrong — I love God. I believe in Him, I pray, I’m in a fucking catholic sorority. But I also drink, I like boys, I have a good time, and now this girl wants me to think that among all the other things I do wrong, I can add my education to the list. I honestly think that God, the God that christians and jews and muslims and whoever else pray to, loves you and basically just wants you to love him too, and as long as you try to do the right thing and be a kind person, you are probably going to heaven, or at least purgatory which is basically just a waiting room for heaven anyway. I get that the bible has a lot of rules but frankly, God didn’t write the bible; people did. Granted he gets quoted a lot, but do you really think that all of those rules came from him? Consider the fact that it was literally 2,000 years ago and maybe, just maybe, some of those people who wrote down the bible for the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit may have just added in a couple of their own 2,000 year old ideals as well. 
Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but it just makes me really angry and sad that there is a girl who is snuffing out a bright future because somewhere along the line asshole told her Jesus didn’t think she deserved it.

Much love,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hey sugar

I came up with a new book idea, it'll take a year to write and it'll be done on my 21st birthday, or the day before, or the day after. It will either make me more money than I could possibly spend, or it will bring me nothing but ridicule, both malicious and non. That's all I'm telling you about it. :) Meanwhile, I'm still working on the book I was already working on, and I've been writing some poetry. Also, I bartended a party last night and it was wonderful — I cannot wait until I work in a bar over summer.
I finished reading the Old Man and the Sea today. It was the saddest in the world and it was wonderful. My first Hemingway experience was a pleasant one. I'm not sure what I'm reading next but I'm leaning towards Faulkner or Kerouac. 

Much Love,