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Sunday, October 17, 2010

that 808 bump

I'm sorry it's been so long :( :(
I'm doing laundry right now and I have another 34 minutes until I can go to sleep. Which really isn't all that big of a deal, because I literally didn't wake up until three in the afternoon today, but still. I'm super congested and I haven't been sleeping well lately so I need to take some nyquil before I go to sleep, and I really don't want to oversleep. Complain Complain Complain. Eckh.
I've been having issues concentrating lately. Like, I have this long list of things to do and I can't seem to do any of them. I don't know whats up with my psyche.  So many projects before I go home this weekend. 
I am writing right now. Do not be alarmed.

By the way, Far East Movement is blowing my mind. Obsessed. 
I also apologize for the absurdly short length of this post and the lack of picture. :(
I swear on all seven harry potter books that I will post again tomorrow
<3 lahve

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