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Friday, October 1, 2010

take a step back.

In case you were curious, that picture is literally my senior year of high school. I know I'm in college now, but I felt like at some point it needed to be posted. <3
This weekend I came home for the first time since I left on August 20th. It's October 2nd so it's been a little less than six weeks since the last time I sat on the floor of this room and typed, and since I got here last night it hasn't at all been like I thought it would, but literally nothing has changed since I moved.

Okay, like I get it's only been a month and a half. But I thought that the relationships I have with the people I was close to over summer would seem different now that I've been gone for a while and their lives have moved on? Except last night I visited my cici's, and I realized I had been completely wrong. Literally nothing has changed, except maybe my two best friends. Which is comforting in some ways, and something else in others.
I guess what I realized is, I didn't miss anything? But now that I'm back it occurs to me that there are weird little things about Plano (my hometown, if I've never named it before. It's just north of Dallas) that I love for stupid reasons. Like, I love the park by my house. I love blaring stupid pop music with the windows down at night when I'm alone in my dad's car. I love my dad's car, because I named it Rodney. I love my dad's painstakingly slow driving and stories about the past that I've heard three times. I love the backseat of my best friend's car, the racetrac by my house, and the llama farm down the street. I love my job and my boss's creepy but hilarious jokes. I love the sonic on 15th and Custer, and getting creamslushes there because for some reason it wouldn't feel right getting them anywhere else. I love the shopping center on the northeast corner of Park and Coit, because it's my weird chill spot and I've worked basically everywhere. I especially love that creepy little building on the corner across from woodburn corners on Park [very few know why... ;) ]
I feel like this is something I would have to turn into a poem for my poetry class.
It was just strange driving down the street because I realized how many stories I have for basically everywhere in Plano. Like, it was the first time I felt affection for it in that way. I'm pretty sure that if I were old and my children were in the car, I would have bored them to tears with stories they didn't care about.

I guess it's nice being home for the weekend. If you're reading this and you live here, I'll be in p town until Sunday night and you should probably hit me up, maybe. Chances are I want to see you, despite what you may think.
I got three new books today! I borrowed two of them, but still.

p.s. wooooooh 60 posts!

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