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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

it's hard enough just to move

Right now I am sitting in PCL "studying for my bio test" and "working on my journalism project." Which really means I am sitting at a cubicle sipping coffee and trying to convince myself that skimming and working on chapter two counts as doing actual work. Sometimes I kind of forget what you're supposed to do in college? Whatever, it worked out pretty well for me in high school.
I wish a journalism major didn't require me to learn so many things that aren't journalism. Will it really effect my reporting skills if I don't know anything about the evolution of vertebrates? I'm not really sure how the stuff I'm cramming into my head right now applies to anything in later life, and honestly, studying for it feels a lot more like wasting my time than working on my second chapter, or blogging, or digging out my violin and figuring out if I can still play after a month. I can understand where my sociology class would apply because of the medias effect on the public and things like that, but if I don't take an anthropology class before I graduate, will it really kill me? I guess I'm just confused, because I was pretty sure college was supposed to prepare me for later life, but a lot of times I feel like a required fine arts class, while interesting enough, is taking away from time and money I could be spending on becoming a world renowned journalist/novelist. I'm not asking a lot. Maybe just a current events class instead of a history class would be nice. I get it, history repeats itself, I've heard it before, but I'd just like something I can, you know, actually apply to my profession. And it's even more frustrating since I already have a job as a reporter, and granted it's at UT's newspaper (we're not technically affiliated with the university, but we still have to avoid pissing them off and stuff), but still. I would rather just go to work at DT, go home and work on my novel and be done with it. I just get this weird feeling sometimes that I'm taking actual classes solely for the purpose of being able to work for the paper and get some good writing material/some decent language classes. That's just not how I thought college would make me feel.
I wrote this earlier for my poetry class, it's unedited and it follows the Fibonacci sequence:
lay awake
every night thinking
thoughts that do not need to be thought while they would rather
just go to sleep at a normal time for once instead of worrying about nothing.

I'm going home again this weekend. Some interesting things have been planned.
I'll hit you guys up later!

ps. Those picture were taken at the university that I thought I would be at right now this time last year.

pss. WHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH this is post number 69 ;D

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