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Monday, October 11, 2010

back yard block party

Back by popular demand ;)

I'm writing this as I sit in the West mall waiting for A) a Native American festival to be over so I can interview participants and B) a guy from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to call me back with some one I can interview. There's always so much waitinggg. It's a really nice day out, though. Maybe a little warm, but whatever, I live in Austin, and there's kind of a breeze and I'm in the shade so it doesn't really matter anyway.
I haven't blogged in a while. Or I guess, this is kind of a normal break between blogs? Because I blog a lot more than most people, but for me it seems like it's been weeks. It's probably actually been what, like four days? 
I've written an assload. Like, so much. I went back and did some edits on the revision of 3 that I started earlier in the semester, lengthened it and made it more readable (hahh) and while I've basically got the plot lined up in my cranium, I feel more comfortable if I can go back and look at it so I don't forget? So I've been trying to organize it in a document. Everythings really lengthened and I've added on a lot and things are started to move like legit. Like, more legit than they have in a while. This isn't me starting a novel, this is me writing one. legit legit legit.
Of course, it's clearly not yet Barnes&Noble material. But still.

I deleted a blog I wrote the other day and I regret it. I didn't save it anywhere, or else I would repost it. I'm sorry. :( I wasn't sure if it was something I should leave up, at the time.
I would post more poetry but I haven't had any assignments. This week is for our portfolio consultations, so I'll let you know how that goes. I edited the one from a few posts ago and it's better now, thank goodness. 
This weekend was fun! In case anyone was curious how that went. I made friends. Yay! I bought earrings made out of Polish coins and a ring made out of a nickel from Singapore. Legit. Too much so to quit, I would think. 

<3 @ all of you and every facet of your personality,

ps. to the people who understand the picture- can we go back soon? I'm okay with the forest/plumbing. Sort of. But I liked the sleeping bags... ;)
Also, I feel like I already posted that picture somewhere in this blog, and I know it's already on Kay Elle's blog, but frankly, I'm running out of pictures. Everyone knows I'm not a photographer, let's be honest here.

pss. I wish I knew how to change the backround on this thing.

psss. I should start posting ps's in the actual text of the blog. <3

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