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Monday, October 18, 2010

rectify this

Oh herro there!
I didn't drink anything caffeinated today so I've been a little spacey. This morning was entirely disorienting- I set my alarm for 10 pm, as opposed to 10 am, apparently, and I woke up forty minutes late for class. I have too much to do before I go home this weekend, eckkhhh, and I'm trying to do a lot of it right now but I can't concentrateeeeeeee

Today I wrote a little bit, same with last night. No legitimate progress to report on, but the ball is indeed rolling, however slowley. I don't know how this tumblr thing is gonna go though, hahh. We'll see.

Earlier in poetry we had to compare ourselves to an object, and this is what I wrote-
I am a book. Upon immediate inspection, I am nothing but a weakly presented title page and a tough binding. At this point, many turn and leave. Few will discover how easily how I open up.
I will never go and find you myself but I will always welcome you with open arms. I am not prejudiced- I love everyone the same. Words are my purpose for being. I exsist solely for the purpose of revealing every facet and secret- the only catch is that you have to ask.
I am sorry that it's short/not a poem :(

I want desperately to be on the beach right now, I cannot even explain to you. I was looking at old pictures from a school trip and I just want my ridiculous hair back so I can throw it up in a bun and walk along the side of the water. I don't understand why I don't live there right now. oh em gee.

transport me,
or love me.
I will accept either.