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Sunday, March 21, 2010

the classy don't hate, they appreciate.

hey yo! I'm sorry it's been so long. My week has been busy, surprisingly enough.
Thursday night, I went with some friends this ranch that's owned by one of their families. I was expecting a legit ranch, like with a house. I was wrong. It was basically a plot of land with a shack that had some cots for us to sleep on. I got there and I was like, so I have to pee, where's the bathroom? They were like, there isn't one. I thought they were kidding. I was wrong again.
Anywho, it was absolutely gorgeous. Not much else to say. I just really like nature. There's a lot to be said for urban areas, but there's something about nothing that just always blows me away. That picture is not of the ranch, but it's of somewhere with nothing. It's not a great photo but the place is beyond beautiful.
Also, did you know you can rent laser tag ranges? It's legit. That's all about that.
I haven't written in too long. I'm beginning to show signs of irritability. I think Oscar Wilde is going to be my next obsession. I'm doing Catholic things tonight, i.e. youth group then frozen yogurt, but after that I'm probably going to stay awake for a while and work on filling out the space between the very beginning, which I've finally started writing, to the chunk that I've written, which should fall like halfway before halfway through. Iloveallofyou!
p.s. I know where I'm going to college.

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