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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the classy do not grode.

So it's 1:36 in the morning and I literally just walked in my front door. I want nothing more than to curl up in a little ball right now and go to sleep, but damn it I'm loyal! Here's how my St. Patrick's day went- I know you're all dying to hear.
I went on a long awaited Plato's closet run at like four ish with the intention of losing all of my money to resale clothing. Granted all of my money constituted three $10 bills at the time, but darn it, I spent all of it, and then had to charge eleven cents to my friend's debit! I felt sorely cheated out of my usual resale experience, though; I p
urchased this dress t shirt thing, white shorts, and a shirt for thirty, while the friend I was with managed to buy out like half of the store for forty five. I, personally, was impressed. Then I went to work for two hours, where I found my coworker horribly ill in the backroom, so I manned the fort while she fashioned a pillow and blanket from merchandise and slept. After that, the real fun began. Can anyone say bowling with Catholic people?
So bowling, honestly, could have been more fun, but we did break the bowling alley! About half way through our first game, like six of us threw bowling balls in the lane all at once, and the game like started over on it's own and was freaking out for the rest of the night, not to mention several balls which remained lodged in the gutters for what I would call an extended period of time. They ended up shutting our game off, because more people came than we told them we had or something like that, so right before we left seven of us threw balls all at once AGAIN, and the bowling alley was royally pissed. We might not be allowed there anymore. I'm not gonna lie, twas worth it. We chose a disco theme for our score board, and every gutter ball was greeted by some seriously intense pelvic thrusts.
IHOP afterwards beat bowling by a long shot. There's something about eating pancakes after midnight, but I really feel like any calories I may have gained from eating were burned off immediately afterwards through laughter. Not a big story there, but I had a really good time. Also, I was informed of a new sport called groding, which is apparently wrestling with the intent of rubbing one's groin on another's face? I am just going to say right now, not classy.
Speaking of stories, I have one. So this morning, I wake up with this massive headache, right? And I think, oh, maybe last night I had one and just didn't notice and it got worse overnight instead of better. I take some ibuprofen and think nothing of it. Later, I'm about to get in the shower and I happen to look at my chin, and there's a very prominent bruise. Like, it's gross looking. Just saying. I was trying to think of what I did last night, and I went over to a friend's house to watch Julie&Julia on DVD and eat popcorn. One theory is that my popcorn was roofied. Is roofied a verb? Pretty sure I whacked myself in the face in my sleep. Weird.
In other and more important new, writing has exploded. In a good way. After I posted my last blog, the entire plot came together. The length of my word document has become much longer, and if I keep going at the rate that I am, I'll be done writing it by the end of summer at least, if not by graduation. Let's just hope I can keep the rate up!
I will post a picture of bowling things later. For now, you get this. I'm not really sure what it's of. I think it was in Six Flags at San Antonio like two years ago, when we took our orchestra trip there. Enjoy? I apologize for any incoherency this post may contain- I'm sure there's plenty.

P.S. I'm laser tagging on Friday. BE JEALOUS.

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