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Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I woke up disgruntled at my journalism professor for scheduling a class at eight am and quickly transitioned to a strangely good mood for a hungry college student stumbling as she attempts to put shorts on in the dark because it's too freaking hot out to wear pants. Just imagine, if I had gone to school in Michigan like I'd planned, it would already be jeans and hoodie weather! Anywho, maybe it was that I fell asleep watching top chef and muttering to myself how much I missed actual meat that wasn't served in a cafeteria, or maybe it's because I've been jogging every night (isn't that supposed to do something with endorphins?) but my mood is beginning to move in the direction of up.
That's not to say that writing is following suit. Because it's not. I blame that on a combination of a sudden change of atmosphere and a lack of thinkspot in my aforementioned nonthinkinducing (word?) dorm. The best thing I can think to do is write as much as I can for school. I'm already mid tryout session for the newspaper on campus and I'm going to a meeting tonight for the TV station and I think I'm doing film club (writing scripts would be interesting, I think) plus my poetry class is getting the gears oiled a little bit, although ironically enough it seems to be getting a lot lot lot more prose out of me than poetry.
People have a tendency to come this school in packs, I've noticed. Everyone's high school friends are here. It's been a little disconcerting, not gonna lie, because a grand total of one of my high school friends are here, and I love everyone else's high school friends, but I think maybe writing might come more easily once I get a niche? But the past few days I think I may have stumbled upon the beginnings of said niche. yay :)
Every day feels like a friday and I'm wondering if that's ever going to stop. I've actually been doing my homework for once in my life and, my friends will be comforted to know, I've only sat down and ate nutella from the jar like three times. I've been kind of healthier than normal. I've been jogging on a real track, in circles! Granted it's indoor, but still. I'm thinking this whole college shenanigan is going to provide some interesting material, regardless of it's failure to manifest itself as of late. Somehow I feel like it'll show up soon.
I think you are beautiful, no matter what they say. If you are reading this, I adore you.

... :)

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