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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i'm so far gone now

Today was uplifting. Actually, I don't know if that's the right word.

... no, yeah, it's definitely the right word.
Right now I'm super ready to go to bed. Like, all I have to do is crawl into my top bunk. But for some reason, even though I really don't have that much to say, I felt like blogging was necessary.
Tonight someone asked me to classify what I was writing as a particular genre, and all I could really think to say was science fiction. The weird thing was I didn't realize how right it was until I'd actually said it. Then, I was completely appalled when I explained to them my love for Ray Bradbury and they informed me of just how little they'd enjoyed Fahrenheit 451.
There is nothing not to enjoy about that book. If you disagree, reread it, darn it. It's a beautiful piece of literature!

I should really, really sleep. My eyes are drooping, and this morning I literally stared at my coffee maker for ten minutes trying to decide whether or not to turn it on because turning it on would mean that I would have to drink the coffee and then go to class and not turning it on would mean I could just crawl back into bed.
Also, before I go, I just want to say that Ke$ha's video for Take it Off is literally what I want my life to be like. She unzips her chest and glitter flies out!? I don't understand what there is not to love. And please watch the California Gurls video if you haven't already. omg katy perry is so FOINE
And Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMA's. That is all I have to say. I am obsessed with her.
I'll blog again tomorrow. I'm not sure when? But I promise I definitely will.
HAVE A GOOD NIGHT, have the sweetest dreams the world will ever know,
loch :)

P.S. right now I'm reading At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. Pick it up. Boy's got skills, yo!

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