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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

let the clocks be reset!

Right now I'm waiting for an academic advising appointment to talk about double majoring in English. I felt like I needed a collegiate background in literature, yeah? Except guess what, my school doesn't have a literature major, rude. And at first I was like, ECKHHHH everyone who majors in English becomes a teacher, which I absolutely DO NOT want to do (unless it's at the collegiate level, in which case I would consider), but apparently the program is really literature heavy and I can do a focus on creative writing, which I am most definitely down with. Plus, the academic advising office in the communications school has free cheez-its, so I feel like even if the double major falls through, the appointment was entirely worth it.

Today in sociology it occurred to me for the first time that maybe the reason I'm getting educated and reading books and things like that is due to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I mean, I'm gonna be honest here. Not tooting my own horn, but I think I'm relatively intelligent. But, is that because I convinced myself I was intelligent and then acted in a way so as to make it true? Like, does believing I'm smart make me smarter? Does believing I can write make me a better writer, because I act in a way that would improve my writing skills? And does believing I can't whistle hinder my many, many attempts at mastering that fleeting skill? :(
If that's the case, then why the hell do things go bad, ever, at all. Come on people. JUST BELIEVE. 
But seriously.
With all of this in mind, I wonder what would happen if people understood that all they needed to do to get better was believe they were better and then act in a way to solidify that fact. Because reality is a social construct. Nothing is  true unless you think it is. What would happen if everyone believed? It's an interesting world to imagine, and a little frustrating that it isn't happening.

So I'm debating something, and I want feedback from y'all.
I started this blog to talk about my literature related ventures and it's ended up being a lot about that, but also a lot about just my life in general. Which is great and all, but I would love for it to be a litttttle more about my literature related ventures, you know?
I have a lot of issues with posting things that might be published, but this poetry class I'm taking is leaving me with a lot of things that probably won't ever be published, at least not in the near and foreseeable future. So how would you feel about me posting some of it every so often? I WANT FEEDBACK ON THIS. 
This is not a decision I am making/will make lightly. Posting things I've written really scares me, for legal reasons. The idea of plagiarism really scares me. But not making you happy scares me more. Having my ego injured scares me most of all. Let me know what you think and I might post some stuff!

I wish all of you were here in this waiting room with me. Its small and I'm alone and out of cheez-its.
I wait for 11/11/11 11:11:11 specifically so that I can wish you all the happiest lives that earth has ever contained.
Loch :)

p.s. I wish it were rainy today in Austin.
By the way, I'm still in a good mood. I hope whatever I wrote last night was coherent. :)

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  1. I think yes to posting your poetry. Especially stuff you write outside of class that we never get to see.

    Also, I think I just gained a billion points of respect for you, and you won a billion cool points for saying the following, "I wait for 11/11/11 11:11:11 specifically so that I can wish you all the happiest lives that earth has ever contained."