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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

whatever i wanna do!

Last night I had this really intense moment where I realized exactly what I want to spend my time doing and who I want to spend it with. I will give you a hint, it involves writing.
This weekend involved whisky, apples to apples, skinny dipping and catch phrase, most definitely not in that order, and it was a really beautiful way to turn nineteen. I'm obsessed with my friends :) I'm sorry I don't really have anything to say! But check out my new fly kicks -
"At the present moment, I'm not recording, I'm not on tour and I've never had a song go to number one on BeatPort, I've never been featured on Juno Download or TrackitDown, I've never released vinyl, but what I do know is that I've been listening to electronica for many years and I have every right to speak my mind against the fabricated music that is being released on a daily basis, it's absolutely appalling. All these people think that if your on the BeatPort top ten that you're making something out of yourself, well you're making a mockery out of electronic music, I'm a producer and I come from the underground and I'm, quite frankly I'm sick and tired! And I'm here to go on these rants on message boards because I know I will never amount to anything and I need to make myself feel better so when I'm not high on cocaine, I will sit in front of this computer till the cows come home and continue ranting and raving about artists that are actually living out their dream because I never will!"
Deadmau5 is badass.


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