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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

expect me to believe

You know what's strange?
Have you ever heard the phrase "home town boy?" Sometimes I feel like a hometown girl. I feel connected there and for the past three and a half months or so I've been even more connected but that just ended and now I'm just kind of floating back and forth, and there's nothing really tying me back there anymore. My friends here are closer to me than they were before and while a month ago I had every excuse to go back all the time, now I don't really have any.
What's strange is the realization that after this summer,  I probably won't be going back to Plano too often unless a couple of things change drastically. Unless it's for Winter break, but even then I'll have the apartment in Austin, and over summer I'll probably be here. Second semester of next year I might be in Singapore. I'm realizing that Plano is home, but now Austin is home too and one day Plano won't be home anymore. One day I'll move and my hometown will be a memory I think about sometimes, and I wonder if the people that matter now will matter then, or I guess really if they'll want to because it's not so much up to me anymore. Who will I know and who will I love? Where will I be?
I guess I just realized that I'm running out of chances and summer might be the last one that I have. Time goes by a lot faster than I thought that it did before I started college.

You are everything,

ps. if I wanted to be around you, you would probably know. don't force me to make it clearer.

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