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Sunday, February 20, 2011

i ain't perfect

This weekend has been warm enough that Friday I wore a tank top and yesterday/today I donned shorts. The overcast weather is putting me in my favorite kind of thoughtful mood that always seems to work best for me when I'm writing. I keep feeling like  I do during overcast days in July, or late in the afternoon in June or August. Good thing it's fucking February. :)
This weekend was also long and more fun than I've in Austin since I got back for winter break. I think it's cause for a while I was broody for no reason and this weekend I actually did shit, which was entirely worth it, just saying. I have tests this week but for some reason, I just can't bring myself to be worried and I think that tomorrow if the weather is good again I might go to one of my fave spots on campus, this grassy area by a fountain on the east side, and just write for a while and think. This weekend it slowly dawned on me that there are probably a few things that I should be thinking about that I haven't been, and I'm glad.

I love you, I love everyone,
ps. I am not a child, stop treating me like one. :)

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