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Monday, May 10, 2010

culture is the footprints of the classy gone before us.

This picture is two years old, so basically it's a dino. I felt it was fitting because the facial expression still basically embodies my inner zen at le moment. Hopefully I'll calm down a little before college.
I decided recently that I need to make and execute a bucket list, because I'm graduating from high school and frankly, I'm not digging this whole regrets thing. It's def not cool. So, in the name of blatant Internet honesty, it's only sensible and frankly, fair to you readers to compose my bucket list on the spot, right here, right now. This is what I want to do before I kick the bucket. Listen up, youngins.

1) Publish a book or twelve. That one should be a given, but it's probably going to be the hardest.

2) Graduate from college. Possibly get a masters in something?

3) Kick ass at some big fancy newspaper doodad somewhere, particularly one that's heavy on coverage of global economy.

4) Learn as many languages as I can cram into my cranium.

5) Find someone to fall in love with, for the sake of having the experience, if for nothing else.

6) Find something that really, really scares me, and do it.

7) Make good on people I've hurt, which have unfortunately been more than I would like. Find them, and apologize directly, and see what happens.

8) Write a screenplay/work on a movie.

9) Publish a book of short stories/essays/poems.

10) Move unexpectedly, and far. Live alone somewhere scenic. Build a library comparable to one in Beauty and the Beast, and lock myself in there for a week or two.

11) Teach a college literature class.

12) Talk to someone that I have absolutely no reason to talk to.

I thought twelve was good because it's my lucky number. I can't just go about writing this all willy nilly, you know. I'll let you guys know what I do and when, and then maybe I'll add more. I feel like this list is a good one to start with though.
My new project has got me really excited. I'm writing and writing and writing, and I'm happy :)
Sleep well. See you in the morrow!

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