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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The classy have character.

Multiple characters, to be exact. Because this new thing I'm writing has like seven so far, and I'm only a thousand words in. And granted, they're all based on people (except for one), but those people are all characters from other works of literature and various animes and movies and things of that nature whose personalities I've obsessed over a little bit. No one who I actually know. I'm branching out! I don't really know where all of this came from, but I sat down one night and just started pouring out my mental stuffz onto a word document, and it came out well, darn it.
Also, this week I discovered three new things that I'm obsessed with, and only one of them is food.
1) Mochi. I can't stop eating it. Mochi ice cream topping, fried mochi balls, I'm head over heels for the stuff. It's this weird bean thing from Asia's vicinity of the world, and it's freaking delicious.
2) . I can't stop. Basically, you set up a profile, and go through a checklist and check off the things you're interested in. A little tool bar comes up on the top of the screen, and you click on the word stumble, and it takes you to websites that will entertain you. If it looks boring or when you get bored of it, you can just stumble again, or if you find something you want to go back to, you can favorite it and it'll be saved to your account. It is the most entertaining thing I have ever found in my life, including those screen savers that look like they're taking you through mazes, and I used to stare at those things for hours in elementary school. Before I just facebooked at work- now I have options!
3) . This was one of my first stumbleupon finds. If you are a writer, go here. It gives you a new word everyday, and you get sixty seconds to write off the top of your head whatever comes to mind, and then you get to read what other people wrote. It storms by brain every time.
My dad is officially obsessed with frozen yogurt now, too. This week has been a week of new obsessions!
Picture above: am I yawning, hollering down a canyon to my citizens, or dinasouring evil villains? I suppose we'll never know for sure. MWAHAHAAHH.
Also, ScarJo was hott in Iron man II. I was attracted to her. Just saying.
Dear everyone,
P34C3 0Ut

Alexandra Loch.

Oscar Wilde
Aldous Huxley.
that's all.

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