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Monday, August 9, 2010

suddenly I can't stay in this room,

Yesterday, I got legit angry at someone for the first time in a long time. Like, fuming. It was actually a reallyyy nice release of energy, you know? I feel like I've filled my angry quota and I'm pretty much gonna stay happy for a while now,

Last night, I had my laptop with me, but not my flash drive. Which was frustrating, because the reason I brought my laptop with me in the first place was so that I could sit down and force myself to work on the two projects I got so into at the beginning of the summer, odd couple and 3. The goings on of the past couple of days made me realize I've been neglecting my babies a little too much this summer. Any who, I was def annoyed when I realized that I was at least missing the most recent copies, but then I remembered that every so often I back up my flash-drive on my hard drive, so if my flash drive gets eaten by an elephant or some other horrible disaster occurs, I won't be completely SOL. So I started going through the hard drive on my laptop to see what I could find. Odd Couple was wayy too recent to be on there, which didn't surprise me, but I found 3, which was only missing about a fourth of the file. While I was on there, I went through a bunch of older files, because I couldn't remember what most of them were, and a lot of times I can get easy inspiration from older things I've written that I've forgotten about. So I'm reading through these older files, and I'm seeing the common threads that I always do, and the characters with different names who are basically all the same, and then it hits me. I figured everything out. I'm changing 3 around completely. The characters are getting makeovers, the main character is getting renamed, and I figured out the plot line. It was really exciting and I thought you all should hear about it :)

By the way, I just wanna say that this bitch ordered a pizza from me last night, and telling y'all the story would involve a lot of cici's speak so I won't subject you to that, but just putting this out there, rudeness is unnecessary. I honestly don't understand it. It takes more energy to be rude, you feel better when you're nice, and frankly, when you're rude too often you start running out of original bitchy comebacks so you have to start reusing them and then you just sound like an idiot. BE NICE. Collect good karma. Being a pleasant person really isn't that difficult. That's all.

Love from the very deepest cavern of my heart,
Loch :)

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