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Saturday, February 13, 2010


The snow is all starting to melt :( Today I walked out of my work to go across the street for a water bottle, and water was literally gushing out of the storm drains. Also, my work flooded last night. Not because of the storm, but because of the pizza place next door. Cool?
This morning though, there was snow everywhere. It was weird- I would look out, and for a half second my brain would try to figure out where the color went. There's something really strange about looking around in Texas and only being able to see white. It was just so bright and surreal, I honestly had a lot of trouble comprehending it. I was just looking at the snow and thinking, what is that stuff really, and why is it here? It was very unusual. I guess that makes me southern?
That is a picture of a rabbit I saw hiding in a snow dune yesterday. I was taking a walk in the snow after I woke up, and I looked next to me, and there it was. At first I thought it was a rock, but then I looked closer and I realized I'd never seen a rock look that frightened before. It made me realize how glad I was that I could get out of the cold- plants and animals have to stay outside all night while we curl up under the covers. It just made me kind of sad for a little bit, but the rabbit was absolutely adorable and perfect.
I broke 1K last night, on whatever it is I've been typing. I was proud of myself. Starting it was weird, because the file had originally been written in first person, so I tried changing it to third person, and it just completely ruined the effect. I had the hardest time figuring out what I was going to do, but I think I worked it out quite nicely, and the whateveritis is officially in third person, just not the first part, sort of. It's going well, and my character that I'm working on at the moment is developing quite nicely, thank you for asking :)
I think I have a love hate relationship with the human race. I definitely have a hate relationship with retail. Today my coworker left the store for like an hour and a half to go out to lunch, and immediately upon her leaving like eight people came in and it was just all over the place. So I started thinking about how rude some people can be, really, because a lot of them are jerks, but I had a hard time saying I hated them, because I don't think I actually hate anything, except vegetables and school buses and chemistry and now retail. But even those things have provided me with memories that I seriously doubt I will ever want to get rid of. Except vegetables, those have provided me with nothing but disgust. There's a grand total of two things in my life that I actually hate, vegetable being one, the other remaining unnamed on the interweb, but I can honestly say that people, while not exactly being on my good list, are not on my hated list either. Mostly because I love them too much. I also love people visiting me at my job- if you know where I work, come see me. It really does brighten my day.
Tonight a friend and I went on a shopping trip and purchased a close friend of mine some birthday presents. She is now the proud new owner of a glitter vibrator and a 41" Katana sword. Everyone, this is your cue to be jealous.
I think I pulled a muscle in my chest. Every time I move my arms, my cardiac region aches. It's not so much painful as it is strange. Also, I've felt nauseous all night, but I've eaten just as unhealthily and frequently as I normally do, and I haven't gotten sick yet, so hopefully I'm not dying. I think it's going to pass in a few hours.
I saw Wolfman tonight. It was funny and disgusting. I liked it. I did not, however, think the main character was as wildly attractive as everyone else seems to. I don't remember his name, but he looked really cracked out and his eyelid pudge was way too droopy for my liking. Eckhh.
I am either going to sleep or reading or writing or doing my precal homework, or doing something else entirely. I hope you are all having a wonderful night. This morning I woke up on the couch and realized I hadn't slept in my bed the night before at all- hope that the same thing doesn't happen to me again, because I don't think my neck could take it.
Sleep well,

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