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Thursday, February 11, 2010

classy is a privilege, not a birthright.

I'm @ work right now. I work at a swim shop, but hey, I don't swim! I know you're all wondering, and the answer is yes, my job is indeed classy, glamorous, and out of your leagues. Hahh, oh wait, just kidding.
Today was snowy, but not a snow day. After second period there was a school wide snow fight, during which I drastically improved my day and ruined my shirt. When I got to orchestra, the sub told us we weren't allowed to leave, after which we promptly exited the building to go construct a snow man in the image of our director while tackling each other in the snowy fields. I can honestly say that today was one of the most productive days that I have had all semester, and something deep down tells me they're going to start going back downhill from here.
I don't get mad about things very often. I'm actually usually a very happen person, I yell a lot and I like hugs. This week, though, I've gotten pissed off more than usual, and I wasn't PMSing or anything. Maybe it's because it was deadline week, but I think up until now I've been overlooking some things about people that temperamental me just noticed, and I'm starting to become bothered. Treat people how you would like to be treated. Do people really not remember the golden rule?
Also, please keep it classy with your hoes. Specific incidents will not be mentioned here for very specific reasons, but I will say this- I've been fortunate enough to come upon some really good friends. I'm only close to a couple of people, but they are the only thing that's kept me from going a lot crazier than I already have. Sometimes I forget how unpleasant people can be because I don't have to deal with that a lot, until someone new comes into the picture and reminds me, and then I move them back out of my picture. I don't like putting up with people or watching my friends put up with people, and if I don't absolutely have to then I won't. I definitely have ninety nine problem and a bitch should not be one.
We have off school tomorrow, and Monday is a teacher work day, so I have a four day weekend this week. I plan on writing/cleaningish/doing birthday things for Zay the entire time. There will be quite a bit more written this weekend, I will inform you of the progress as soon as I know what it is. I would like to think that things are moving along quite nicely :)
Oh, I deleted my twitter, because I was ashamed of it. And my tumblr, because it's lame. The URL list from my last post is outdated. I do, however, continue to have and use my formspring, and I also continue to have a facebook, which I am continuing to not post the web address for :)
I hope everyone is having a really good day. Despite my bitch rant, I've been having a really awesome day today. Something about having it snow for literally the entire day in Texas makes everything seem a little less real. It's supposed to snow like eight inches but I think had already snowed that much like six hours ago. Maybe that's because I've never seen it really snow like this? My school district is pretty notorious for not shutting down ever so I'm really excited about tomorrow!
I'm sure this weekend will be wildly productive and full of facebook tags. I hope yours is the same. Happy weather! :) and sorry for all the emoticons.
BTW Those flannel pants were on my work's register computer. They are also what I wish I were wearing. Enjoy?

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