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Monday, March 28, 2011

embrace the martian

It's been a while since I've posted lame pictures of myself but I guess I got tired of posting other people's pictures and I'm not talented enough to go out and actually take my own, plus I don't own a functional camera unless you count my cell phone or the beaten and battered five year old digital camera lying untouched in my drawer, but I have to open the shutter myself on that one so I think it isn't exactly something I could use to be artsy. Plus I've never really been a visual person, I still don't fully grasp what matches and what doesn't. Words are more solid, they make more sense to me.  I wish I could do photography though, because I feel like it would be a lot more concise to tell a story through an image, and all I really want to do is tell the world a story. 
This weekend was weird and I've been rambling more than usual, and daydreaming more than usual too, and I should do my bio take-home test today but the first question is literally about finding the cure for cancer (I shit you not) and I would much rather scribble about science fiction all day. PS. I am obsessed with pandora.
I know I've said it before, but I don't understand why everyone doesn't just choose happiness. It's contagious, just start with one and soon everyone will really be alive. At least try, there is nothing more frustrating to me than watching people who are simply contented to lie in their own self-pity because they're too fucking lazy to do themselves and everyone around them a favor and relax and let it be. It is not that hard.

I <3 pointless blog posts.

ps. the word "much" is kind of ugly if you pay enough attention to it.
pss. I will spend most of today writing.

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