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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hold me, distract me,

After a while, things really do change.
Wherever you found it, it's none of my business,
now wherever you go, it's not my concern.
But for a second, your attention just belonged to me,
and it passed so fast which is scratchin' off my cool. 
I'm not broken hearted, I'm just kinda pissed off.

You sang to me in a whisper, a capella,
cross-legged on andrew's bed and I,
drunk beyond my fifteen years, 
wished to be anywhere else instead,
'cause I was still terrified of you and oh,
I was to scared to dare to do,
so I slid, unsprung, off the mattress
and crumpled to the floor, and the sad fact is,
you said you were protected,
I thought you meant you had a gun.

I wonder if I'd be so good if I saw you again?
Listen, miss, you've got me,
you should've taught me such naughty things.

Going to see patrick stump tomorrow <3

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