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Saturday, December 18, 2010

money so bright

I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom in Plano right now, slowly waking up even though it's a little after three in the afternoon and wondering when I'm going to have time to sit down and write. I am considering trying to wake up at a decent time tomorrow, and by that I mean before noon. 
My first semester of college is over and that is very, very weird. I decided the other day that I want to stay in Austin over summer to work at the paper and take summer school, and I realized that means that this is going to be the longest I stay in Plano for at least a year if not longer. I don't really have a lot to say other than that. Yesterday I daydreamed of the money I'll have and the books I'll write and then I remembered I'm probably going to live in a box sized apartment and eat canned beans. 
I guess this blog doesn't have a whole lot of a point, but i missed you. 

p.s. at some point I want my house to look like this,

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