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Monday, December 13, 2010

are you brave enough?

I should be studying for my bio final right now but instead I'm listening to my iPod on blast in the hallway of my dorm and trying to imagine the point in my life when my throat/ear won't hurt like a bitch anymore. 
Yesterday I surfed deviantart for a few hours and found some interesting shit. I don't usually go on there but I had heard from some friends into art that it's good for inspiration and I wanted something to distract me from studying, and I'm not a very visual person but I found some pictures that embody a few of the characters I'm using really well, and it actually might change around a few sections of the first four chapters of the project I'm working on, which are the chapters I have written/am working on writing/am currently editing. It's a lot more to work with, you know? It's not what I had originally planned for plenty of my characters to look like (I found visuals for four of them, to be specific) but it's a lot more accurate than I could have guessed and now that I have something to print out and look at while I write, it's going to make things a lot easier on me. Also, I just realized this project doesn't even have a name yet. I mean, 3 and Oddcouple didn't either, but they had file names. I guess I can just call this one FinalDraft, because that's the computer application I'm writing it on. It's the fancy script writing software that I don't really need and spent an assload of money on earlier in the semester.

I cannot stop listening to Katy Perry. I am obsessed with her and her pinup revival. 

I am writing for you,

ps. I think some people who started reading my blog more recently don't realize this, but the purpose of Classy and Lit is to document my novel writing. Just throwing that out there, letting it float,

pss. Texas girls are where it's at.

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