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Saturday, June 19, 2010

you can never come on too strong.

I am more unsure, happier, and more confident than I have been in a while. That is a picture that is blurry and very old. The little chapel in it reminded me of something from a book.
I haven't been writing enough lately, and I haven't been reading enough either. Both of those things make me very unthrilled. I got on a real roll developing a plot for this project, and suddenly it just stopped. Part of me wonders if maybe I just need to let it develop as it comes? I'm really hoping that's the case. I would hate to see this particular project go to waste- something tells me it might be worth something, and it's certainly one of the best things I've ever written. I even have a poem for the prologue and a surprise ending planned out! hahh. I think I need to spend some time developing characters, though. My friend Lee, whose blog you can reach on my sidebar, gave me a flash drive with some files on it as part of my birthday present, and one of the files is this fantastic list of character quirks, a few of which caught my eye, so I'm thinking about combining and twisting some of them around to get the ball rolling again. Cross your fingers?
In other news, the other project I was working on, which is the one I started after this first one fizzled out for the first time, has also been going slowly. In fact, lets call this one odd couple and the first one 3, because those are their file names. I think what got me with odd couple was characters also, but for a different reason- I have really complex ideas for several characters I want to develop, but for some reason it's just not happening. I think that while I'm a bit blocked on 3, I'm going to sit down and really focus on odd couple and see what I can get done, because I really like it as well. I think that 3 might be some of my best writing so far? But odd couple might have a more interesting plot line. I'm not sure yet. I'm positive that they'll be two very different finished projects, if things turn out the way I'm thinking they will, although at the moment nothings definitive.
I think, more than anything, that I really need to just sit down and read for a little bit. I've been buying books out the wazoo but I haven't made time to read any of them. Lately works been taking up the majority of my schedule, and the time not spent at work has been spent either trying to figure out how to get to work, thinking about college, or wondering why I can't get myself to write anything decent.
Speaking of college, my orientation is this week! I'm beyond excited. That's all about that. Also, I've been in a really, really good mood for the past couple of days, despite the lack of ingenious prose produced, for reasons I will disclose if and only if things go my way :)
I appreciate you like woah. You are my favorite.
I'm going to go look at that list of character traits, try and type a little bit, then read Ray Bradbury until I fall asleep. I'll be back soon.

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