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Saturday, September 10, 2011

here i stand

Why am I online right now? It is four in the morning on a Friday. Of all the things I should be doing in Austin, it should not be facebook creeping.
No but seriously. This has been a good Friday.
I think I'm chill with having a long to do list... for now


p.s. I am actually writing and working, I promise. I know I haven't talked very much about it lately. Lo Siento. Updates soon! Probably on fictionpress too... even though no one seems to keep up with that well enough to comment or provide any actual feedback.
Hah no but forreal. Updates soon. Love you!


  1. excellent usage of spanish, young taquita.

    this is my blog:

    it's lame. :)

  2. lawl. love youuuu i'm gonna go follow it :)