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Friday, January 29, 2010

even the classiest will fall ill.

That is a picture of the toaster oven I am about to make toast in. I just woke up about a half hour ago on a Friday. Why not at school, you may ask? Yesterday I was sick and basically felt like rolling over and dying, and this morning I vaguely remember grunting at my father that I wasn't getting out of bed so he should probably call my ride and tell her not to worry about taking me to class. Sleep has always been my cure-all, or my second best one next to NyQuil, so here I am feeling a hundred times better, and what am I to do with all of this free time after roughly fifteen hours of napping? Obviously, write.
I started writing something I don't plan on finishing or publishing anytime in the near future. It's not what will come out by the end of my sophomore year, that's for positive. It's going to go slowly and it's going to be really tedious, but I feel like I need to get it down on paper. More on that later.
Character development is still going. I think that's what I tend to have the most trouble with. I'm not the most creative person in the world, and all of my characters tend to be based on people I know in one way or another, whether or not I mean them to be, which is something I'm trying to break away from. This particular story is probably going to be all in third person, because I don't think its going to have one specific main character. Probably more like six or seven, so I need to be able to hop between points of view more easily, and having one narrator just feels like the most logical solution. I'm not very good at first person, to be honest- I always sound like the same person, no matter who I'm trying to be. I think maybe I'm going to take some acting classes in college, to help with that, because that's really all first person is. You just have to be a good actor, only in text instead of on screen/stage. Hopefully that'll help- first person can sound really immature if it's badly done, but if its executed well it can sound really good and it's something I'd eventually like to try.
I think I'm going to go make myself noms and type for a while. The house is quiet, which isn't exactly common, so I'm basically going to revel in the silence while I can. Noise is overrated. I hope none of you catch what I have/had.
dear interweb, get classy, plz.

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  1. Amen to the acting - I can tell you that it helps. It also helps if you start faking all your basic emotions. :D Or hiding it all behind a smile. It gets easier with time, and then you never have to worry about anything except smiling. Keep that smile on. Acting gets to be second nature if you do it long enough. ;D Good luck with that.