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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

always make your entrance classy.

Hello, I'm Alexandra, and I'm a budding novelist.

I decided recently that blogging would be a good way to do several things, some of which include getting the rapid flow of ideas sorted out in my head so I can write more efficiently, and to help me work out some things with my style. I was completely clueless concerning what I would actually write about, though- that was the problem. I can't very well publish my novels serially on the interweb, and the thought of posting plot ideas gives me the heebie jeebies. So today, walking to class, I was discussing this dilemma with a close friend of mine, and she immediately said that I should be like Julia Child. I had no idea what she meant, and she explained to me that I should follow whatever it is I'm writing through a blog: that is, not publish it, but more tell people how it's going. So, that's what I've decided to do.

I am a senior in high school. I plan to have my first work published by the end of my sophomore year of college. These are my records.

Here's the low down on where I am right now-

I had writers block for a while, starting in sophomore year and running through most of junior year. Honestly I didn't pay as much attention to it as I should've for a while; I think it's because junior year was my first year on newspaper staff, so I was writing articles once a month anyway, which held me over pretty well. Then over summer, I went to work at summer camp, and I guess something went on there with my psyche because when I came home in August, I couldn't stop coming up with ideas. It wasn't as bad at first, it started slow. I got two or three good ideas between August and November, all of which I planned on persuing. I was going to see which one went the best, and make that one my main focus. Unfortunately, in November, any restraint the right side of my brain had possessed was gone. It got to the point where I was typing out monologues on a text message draft on my Motorola razor between classes. It wasn't even plot ideas any more, it was just random scenes of novels that I haven't looked at as a whole, like picking up a book and only reading a page except I was the one reeling it out. I have so many things written and only so much time. Right now, it's looking like I'm going to try and form a collection of short stories, andhave that be what I publish first, but who knows. Maybe between now and the end of my sophomore year of college that'll change.
The picture of Julia Child is for my friend- Zay, I hope you enjoy that. You too Jay, because I know she's your girl crush. I would like to state that I did not take that picture, nor do I claim to have taken it. Kudos to whoever did. I did, however, grayscale it and crop it a little.
All of you, stay classy. You'll hear back from me soon.
Signing off,
Alexandra Loch.


  1. Good luck with Writing! I have started a blog for similar reasons, I want to be a writer, I'd love to get my own Sit-com on the BBC! Ill follow you and read your progress.

    If you like follow me too!


  2. Writing on text messages to yourself is how you KNOW you've got it bad. Or good for that reason. I remember I wrote an entire poem standing up on the train once, it was something like... 9 text messages to myself. Ridiculous, but god, its fantastic to know you want to do something that much isn't it? I bet you do!

  3. thanks to both of you :)
    and it really is ridiculous, but it's also really fantastic. the pain in your fingers after texting so much feels like added dedication. having a sitcom on the bbc would be amazing. let me know when you get that set up and i'll be sure to tune in :)

  4. Rawr! Here comes Lee to, uh, do something! :D I'm going to say, good luck to you. And to me. And to everyone. Because we all need it, and we know it. I'll be here. You better stay classy too - only just don't ever dye your hair red without telling me. I would be disappointed. C:

  5. dear lee,
    you would not be dissapointed. you would spike it and give me an eyepatch and brandish your sword. good luck to you too, and i am excited to discuss blogging with you over bubble teas.
    love, loch.
    p.s. i couldn't figure out how to leave this comment on your blog, but i tried !