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Thursday, July 29, 2010

this could be beautiful.

Writing is really all over the place right now. I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but for a few reasons in particular, my ability to type anything worth reading has been comparable to a roller coaster as of late. If things are going the way I think they are after tonight, then that should clear up soon, I hope.

There's only on
e thing I really have to talk about right now, and normally I would wait until I'd collected a few other tidbits before I rant about it, but lately I'm feeling like this is becoming more and more prevalent in my life.
Friendship should
be easy. Friendship should not be a chore, or something you have to wake up every morning and tend to. It should blossom on it's own, and it should not need help growing. Unfortunately, I feel like too many of us are placing too many rules on something that should be effortless. Too many people are riddling their friendships with unnecessary obligations.
If you want friends, chill. The best friendships are easy ones. That's all I'm sayin, yo.

I lied, I have one more thing. It's short though.
My entire personality is made up of an interesting assortment of flaws, but the one that probably gets me into the most trouble while getting me what I want the quickest is my general lack of self control. I have almost none. If I want to do something, there is a 99% chance I'll do it.
That seems to be coming up in conversation more frequently lately, and what I'll say is this: I get that sometimes it makes my life a lot harder. But there are situations in which I honestly can't understand people who would stop themselves from doing what they want. I understand that it gets me into trouble and it does make some situations sticky, but the amount of times it's ultimately gotten me what I want make up for that tenfold. I think everyone should just do what they want.

I hope you all have a goodnight. Hopefully I'll be back soon. Much love, yeah?

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