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Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm too alive

The eyes on my cat alarm clock are following me around my room and I am aware now more than ever that there's no one in my bed tonight. It's almost the new semester which means things are going to change again, like they always change at the beginning of the school year, and to be honest, I'm getting a little impatient. It's like I'm getting cabin fever but I don't know where I'm trapped or by what. Hopefully I haven't sleep-talked too much this weekend.

Last night I cuddle and today I'm in a frenzy. How pathetic am I?
I wish I had more to say, and that I wrote more often like I used to. Happy August.

I really hope you look at me like you did yesterday, tomorrow.

Here's a picture of my awkward cat,

Much love always,

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