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Thursday, February 16, 2012

come morning light

I woke up early enough that it was still before my class, but late enough so that if I had actually gone to class I would have been forty minutes late. I'm sitting on my couch with a fresh cup of coffee and Nala, the cat my roommate got over winter break who I absolutely adore, about to do some writing for my Hamlet class which I suppose I should be sitting in right now. It's overcast and there aren't any lights on but the window from the balcony is bright enough and I'm too lazy to move :p
The other day I was going over my characters, trying to fill them out and figure them out, and I spent what is probably a really ridiculous amount of time looking up and looking over birth charts for two of the main ones. Is it weird to steal someone else's astrological birth chart and give it to a fictional character? Because that's what I'm doing.
I go through these phases of fascination with astrology. Here's the thing — I don't believe in those daily horoscope things in magazines because I've worked for publications and I understand that actually, the person writing them is not reading the stars. I think though, that some of the personality stuff, like the really in-depth analysis of the different sun signs and various other things, is more often than not pretty spot on. For instance, I'm a Gemini, and I rarely meet people more duplicit than myself. I just think there's something to be said for it — after all, if you think that there's something, anything really that's out there governing the universe, something bigger than us, then I don't see why astrology is so silly.
I plan on spending the day being academic and working more on character development. Please hold me to that. The above photo shows me and Nala reading the Night Circus on my Nook, which you should also do if you haven't already. Except you should do it on your own nook... or just buy the book. And get your own cat to read it with. P.s. Taylor Swift's new music video for Safe & Sound, the song she did with the Civil Wars for the Hunger Games soundtrack, is eery and ethereal and wonderful, please go watch it. P.s.s. I cannot express my excitement for when the Hunger Games hits the bigscreen. If you haven't read it, please go do so, I PROMISE it is actually that good.

I love you, I'll be back soon,

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